Bicycle Clothing Designs

Al Ain cycling, 2019 — Jersey, shorts and other clothing
For this updated design, inspiration was again drawn from the natural environment: the orange dunes, expansive blue sky, and the imposing Jebel Hafeet between the two. All type and calligraphy are original designs. The blue areas and other elements contain a background pattern, which includes the words “Al Ain” in Arabic and English, as well as an infinitely repeating line, “It’s a nice day to ride my bicycle”, in Arabic, running through the pattern.

Al Ain cycling — Jersey, shorts and other clothing
The graphics for this clothing range were designed to be an abstract interpretation of the natural environment that local cyclists experience. The original typography and Arabic calligraphy are intended to be modern and minimalist.

Rabdan Cycling Team — Jersey, shorts and other clothing
This team takes its name from a famous horse, which belonged to Sheikh Zayed bin Khalifa. The matching Arabic/ English type are original designs and were created for this project.

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